Banana Cat Bed


(32 customer reviews)
  • Does your cat need a stylish place to relax?
  • Then get them this cozy Banana Cat Bed, not only providing them with a comfortable, warm environment – but an adorable, decorative addition to your home.
  • With its cute and funny banana shape design, it’s the perfect choice to give your cat their own private space and make them feel special.
  • Your furry friend will fall in love with the Banana Cat Bed and thank you for it!

Banana Cat bed, banana shape cat bed, banana dog bed, banana pet bed.

Color: Yellow
Material: Super soft short plush fabric, 2.0cm thick sponge
Shape: Banana Shape
Patterns: S,M,L
S: (L)X(W)X(H)40X15X11cm/18″X6.3″X4.3″(appr.) For Pets ≤1.5kg
M: (L)X(W)X(H)55X20X15cm/21.6″X7.8″X6″(appr.) For Pets ≤3kg
L: (L)X(W)X(H)65X25X18cm/25.6″X10″X7″(appr.) For Pets ≤5kg

1.Banana shape pet bed, cute, beautiful, perfect match to different home environment
2.Super soft short plush fabric, 2.0cm thick sponge, keep your pets warm and comfortable in cold days
3.3 Sizes available, suitable for pets of different sizes and weights

Package Included:
1 x Banana Cat Bed(Does not contain decorations)

-Please allow slight deviation of measurement due to manual measurement.
-Due to difference of photographic light, product batches and monitor setting, colors of actual product you get may slightly has unable difference from what you see on your computer monitor, please understand.




S, M, L

32 reviews for Banana Cat Bed

  1. Selena

    It fits my chonky kitty!

    Probably the best thing I’ve gotten for my cats in a long time. Definitely a conversation starter when someone new enters my house. My cats were wary of it at first. One likes it more than the other. But they think its a fun place it hide in. Plus it fits my chonky kitty.

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  2. Jess R.


    This is the best purchase ever made. She likes to sleep in confined spaces, like purses and shoes…and I can’t afford to let her sleep in my purses. I brought her over to it and she immediately crawled in and made herself comfortable. I’ve never had a pet fall in love with something so quickly. My heart is exploding.

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  3. Victoria Brown

    Cats love the banana

    I have a bottle baby that is pretty much crate trained for bedtime, but wanted to get something that she could play with and wasn’t so isolating during the dayEnter the banana. The moment I opened the box, my two male adult cats were all over it.It took the kitten about a day, but now every time she wants to take a nap after playing, she’s in the banana!She’s 1.1 lb in these pics with the large banana size.

  4. Hathor

    Cute and snuggly

    Got this for my chiweenie and she loves it. This is the XL size and it’s pretty big for her. For reference she’s around 12lbs. She likes to burrow so this is perfect for her.

  5. Pau lina


    My bearded dragon loves her banana!!! She sleeps in it a lot.It’s easy to clean, just put it in one of those mesh laundry bags.The only thing is, you can’t take out the bottom of the banana, so if your pet has an accident you have to wash the whole thing.the stains are hard to get out, I have a blueberry stain I can’t get rid of.But overall, I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER BANANA!

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  6. emily

    my cat loves this bed!

    I got this bed because I’m allergic to bananas and thought it would be funny. My 5 month old kitty loves this bed! It is big enough that she will grow into it comfortably. She doesn’t sleep in it but she loves to dive into it and play around. Since she is very rambunctious the bed tips over sometimes but she doesn’t mind. It holds its shape generally well. And it’s very soft! Most importantly, it is SO CUTE! Overall great bed!

  7. robyn

    XL Perfect for XL Cat – Must Buy – Fave 2018 Purchase

    This is the best purchase I’ve ever made. Arthur is a 23lb cat and finding a bed with a cover that fits him has proved challenging. This is fabulous material/quality and he loves it. Took a day and a little cat nip to get used to but now you can see it’s his favorite. There’s a video of him maneuvering inside of it on his Instagram @kingarthurtheblackcat

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  8. LadyStrangler

    Cute but a tad small for adult cats

    Decent and fun to look at but more floppy than photos show. Not sure if it’s worth the money so I’m debating on returning it. I got the large and it was a tad small for my average sized cats. They aren’t really interested in it but I’m trying to use cat nip to lure them in because, well… banana!

    60 people found this helpful

  9. K. Brandley


    My cat is a little chunky and she had to master getting in it and not tipping it. I put catnip in it to encourage her to get in and now she loves it to sleep in. I believe there are 2 sizes. Get the larger one like I did.

  10. hannah

    Cats love it

    The media could not be loaded.

     My cat immediately got into the banana when I put it on the floor for him.It is made out of felt or fleece that is padded. It can be staticy in dry weather.

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  11. Wesley Garrett

    Perfect for synthx cat

    This bed is not only super comfortable for our hairless cat, but a great toy. Not only can our cat sit and sleep inside of the bed, but she also sits on top of it. When she gets off the banana returns to normal shape! Very impressed with the quality and that it looks like an actual banana!

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  12. sean croke

    Love this

    The second we got this out of the box our cats LOVED it. We got the XL and there’s just enough room for two cats if they cuddle up. So I feel like it runs small ha or we just have big cats..they are about 8-10lbs each. So glad we got this for them!

  13. Theresa

    Get the XL even if you have kittens.

    I got the large (because I didn’t see the XL option for some reason). I have two full grown cats. The black one 10lbs the other 12.5lbs. The smaller one seems to like it, but it’s too small for the bigger one. Overall I wish I got the XL.

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  14. Nathaly P

    Awesome quality cat bed soft and adorable

    I wish it had a hard bottom but all in all it’s a really cute and great quality bed will buy again for my my friends cats

  15. Chickadee

    Cute! My cat likes her banana bed

    My cat likes it, and it’s really cute. She crawls in sometimes, lately is enjoying it hammock style… Like, a banana hammock. The flap velco isn’t very strong, I’ll stitch something on to help with that.

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  16. Stephie Herrera

    Cutest. Purchase. Ever.

    Arguably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. So cute and my kittens are OBSESSED.

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  17. Very Pleased

    Perfect for fat lazy lizard

    Our lizard loves his new banana bed perfect for when he is feeling lazy which is all the time

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  18. Jay Octavarium

    It’s a Banana. It’s a cat. Cat-Nana

    We already call out cat Nana Cat as a nickname, so this was an obvious purchase.Shown in large size with our 8 year old, 10lb cat.As with most cat things she found it on her own terms, and goes through moods as to when it is ‘cat approved’ or not.I like that it folds up easily for storage so we can swap it out until she forgets it and finds it cool again.

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  19. AARON C.

    First thing we foudn big enough for one of our raccoons

    We have pet raccoons (legally permitted) and one who loves hammocks but it is hard to find any big enough for him. I got the extra lg banana bed and hang it like a hammock. He loves it! He tares the stuffing out so I hope he don’t tare it up, I’ll have to order extras to keep if it lasts long enough to make it worth it.

  20. Native 4K

    Soft,big enough for him XL

    Easy to clean as soon as I got it I threw it in the washer with Lysol sanitizer and detergent no softner beccause i was afraid it would come out sagging. I hung dry it with a hanger and it still was soft. My cat son loves it, it keeps him warm with the cover over him and he likes it also without the cover on. I got it for him because we have alot of Windows in the living room and when he used to lay on the couch he would lay there with his paws covering his eyes so as his mom I felt bad and when I seen this bed I thought it would be perfect for him and it was. You just have to use the measurements that they provide to the size of your cat. My cat son is about 15 pounds he’s a big boy so I ordered him a XL and he fits it just right. He can move and sprawl in it and sleep comfortable. I would recommend. Im using a pillow to prop him up because if he leans against it it would tip over on him lol he’s a heavy guy.

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  21. Lauren

    Love the banana bed!

    I love this banana bed! And so does my Nala. I got the biggest size and I’m glad I did. Very cute. Stands up right even without her in it. Worth the money and would buy again.

  22. Tony Sampson

    Fun bed!

    It is a good size for a small-normal size house cat. The orange big is 9lb. It doesn’t fit my Maine Coon mix or Bombay mix (both 20lb), but that wasn’t really a surprise. Our orange tabby loves it, but almost never uses it directly. I have many friends who have it though and their cats couldn’t care less. Overall, it was worth the price! XD

  23. Susie

    Great little bed

    I always thought this was adorable, and my cats are the type to snub any presents and resort to plastic bags/cardboard boxes for exciting toys. Needless to say it didnt take long for curiosity to kick in, and our littlest one took a snooze after about 30 minutes :Dit’s very soft, feels durable, and doesn’t have that nasty manufactured smell. I’m so happy with the purchase (this is the XL for reference)

  24. KELDOO

    Real cute & sturdy!

    It’s really neat & is serving as more of an art piece as my cats are jerks & would rather sit in the Amazon box it was shipped in…but otherwise, we love it!

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  25. Nikol

    Love this banana bed!

    My kittens like to play inciden this banana bed. After reading reviews I got large size. As of now it still has enough room for my 3 months old kittens to play inside. They usually take turns on sleeping inside the bed. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is small and weak velcro so it’s a little hard to keep the top open but I still like this bed. Definitely more entertaining for the owner than for the cats, would definitely buy it again.

  26. Aravoure

    Exactly what I expected

    No surprises here. Big and soft, nice colors and materials. It has a slight factory smell to it, but that might just be the fabric; it’s really faint and I have no doubts that it will go away in time. It was easy to flip inside out so that I could snuggle it (the cats take to new things far more quickly if they smell like me).The cats haven’t tested it out yet, but it’s only been here for about half an hour and they’re still more interested in the box. Only time will tell. If my two don’t take to it, it would probably just be a matter of taste. I know another cat that would love it, but I’m really hoping mine take to it because this banana is adorable and I love having it in my living room.

  27. Erica

    Looks like the picture

    It’s essentially a novelty bed, but the cats like it, so i’m happy. I ordered an XL thinking I’d need a bigger size, but my 12 lb cat has more room than he knows what to do with. It’s pretty thin, not a lot of actual cushioning, but it looks great. Pleased with my purchase.

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  28. SD

    unsure if my cat likes it yet? but I like it.

    i ordered a large. it is massive! but my kitten is 6-8 months, I assume she will grow into it… maybe I’d go with a medium if I ordered it again but it probably depends on your cat. feels soft to me. I like it. my cat better use it… or else. (-__-)

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  29. DonnerpartyintheUSA

    Best Decision of My Life

    I’ve tried all the fruit shaped cat beds (apple, orange, pineapple, tomato), but banana is the fruit to go with for your cat! 3 out of 5 of my cats agree that a banana bed laced with catnip is the ideal Friday night. Who needs a social life when you can have cats and a banana bed? BONUS: it comes with a box that may get used before and more than said banana bed. This is due to spite for cutting off the supply of wet food. I get it.

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  30. Elsa

    I love this bed & my little cat loves it too

    I love this bed & my little cat loves it too.The banana cat bed is so so so cute and soft!My cat Nickle jumped into it right away when he saw the banana cat bed and he likes to jump in and out.And the cat bed is easy to carry. It is can be folded in the luggage.I can take it with us for a travel.

    63 people found this helpful

  31. Branden

    It’s the Sugar Honey Ice Tea

    We got the XL. I have big boy at 15lbs and a Oh Lord She Comin! The Tabby is the 15lb and there’s enough room for another one of him. Or you could fit like 20 kittens happily. My cats love it! This boy was in for ten min then decide to just pass out hard! He gives 10/10. Side note- It’s made of foam material that can fold. So if a large kitty gets in it will accommodate. I haven’t tried washing but it seems like wash on cold gentle and low low warm tumble for 20 min then air dry 30 would work. (I had a previous bed with this material.)

    One person found this helpful

  32. paul654

    I love this bed & my little cat loves it too.The banana cat bed is so so so cute and soft!My cat Nickle jumped into it right away when he saw the banana cat bed and he likes to jump in and out.And the cat bed is easy to carry. It is can be folded in the luggage.I can take it with us for a travel.

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