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Can cats eat durian? 

Can cats eat durian? 

Can cats eat durian? 

Do you know? A well-known and beloved fruit in Southeast Asia, the durian has evoked strong reactions from people – some love the taste, others hate the aroma. Interestingly, this phenomenon also applies to our feline friends!

As a devoted cat owner, you may be experiencing a scenario right now where your cat is eyeing the durian in your hand with curiosity, leaving you unsure whether to satisfy their curiosity or keep the durian for yourself.

So can cats eat durian? don’t worry! This article is meant to provide answers. We’ve delved into the question of whether durian is safe for cats to eat, and our findings provide you with valuable insight.

What is durian?

Durian has the reputation of the king of fruits, but people have two extremes about this fruit, one is very hateful, and the other is very fond of it.

People who hate durian mainly because the taste of durian is hard for many people to swallow.

Although the taste of durian is really unpleasant, their nutritional value is still very high. Durian is rich in vitamins and minerals, and can even improve immunity.

Durian is king of fruit, so can cat eat durian?

Does your cat like durians?

Interestingly, in the cat world, different cats also show different interest in durian.

Some cats hate the smell of durian, while others, like some humans, like it very much.

It’s really funny to know that not all cats hate durians.

Are durians bad for cats’ health?

Although different cats show different interest in durian, if your cat doesn’t like durian, as an owner, you don’t have to force feed them durian because we can’t force them to do things they don’t like.

But if your cat shows great interest in durian, as a responsible owner, the first question that comes to your mind is, is durian, a fruit, harmful to the cat’s health?

In order to understand this problem, we must know what ingredients are in durian, and then understand whether these ingredients are harmful to the cat’s health one by one.

What are the ingredients in durian?

In fact, durian is a very nutritious food for humans.

Of course, durian contains these rich nutrients, which are also good for cats, so what are the ingredients in durian?

  • Rich in protein and lipids
  • Various vitamins,
  • Calcium,
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus and other elements,
  • Dietary fiber also promotes bowel movements.

However, these things should not be eaten in excess. Excessive consumption can cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Excessive consumption of durian will cause cats to get angry and even constipated, so it is necessary to control a small amount of consumption.

Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell. When feeding durian, observe the cat’s reaction. If they disagree, they will eat other fruits.

But not all cats can accept the taste of durian. If they don’t like it and do not need to force-feed, these substances are not necessary for cats to eat daily.

What will happen to my cat if he eats durian?

Eating a moderate amount of durian for cats can improve their immunity and resistance, and the dietary fiber in durian can also enhance the cat’s appetite, but don’t give the cat too much durian at one time. Eating too much may cause the cat to have diarrhea.

Cats react differently to durian

In conclusion

Not all cats like to eat durian, and if your cat shows a great interest in durian, you can feed them in moderation.

There are no ingredients in durian that are harmful to cats’ health, but the fruit itself is not in the cat’s diet. We recommend that you control the amount when feeding, and do not feed too much.

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