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Can cats eat graham crackers?

Can cats eat graham crackers

Can cats eat graham crackers?

Has your cat ever wanted to share your graham crackers with you? 

As a responsible cat owner, the first question that comes to mind must be, can cats eat graham crackers  ? 

To understand this question, we must start with the composition of graham crackers   to help us better understand how the digestive system of cats is different from ours.

Can cats eat graham crackers?

The main ingredients of graham crackers.

  • Graham crackers are about 60% starch and sugar, more than 10% vegetable protein, and also contain minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. 
  • If cats eat graham crackers, they need to see the ingredients of graham crackers.
  •  If they are graham crackers made of pure meat, they can be eaten. If they are graham crackers eaten by ordinary humans, they cannot be eaten. So why?
Can cats eat graham crackers

Different effects of graham crackers on humans and cats.

Because we first need to know that cats are cats, and since they are cats, they have exactly the same diet as tigers, lions, and leopards.

Correct! Cats are pure carnivores, and the only substances that provide energy for cats are protein and animal fats.

The main nutrients of graham crackers eaten by normal humans are carbohydrates and vegetable fats, both of which cannot be absorbed by cats. Therefore, after cats eat it, although it occupies space in the digestive tract and has a feeling of satiety, it does not. It can’t provide energy for cats. It’s okay to eat it once or twice occasionally. Long-term eating will definitely cause malnutrition and systemic failure.

So normal human graham crackers have no nutritional value for cats.

We do not recommend that you give your cat graham crackers, but it is not impossible to eat at all.

You can actually feed your cat a moderate amount of graham crackers (if your cat is interested) . You can satisfy your cat’s curiosity and feed your cat a little, but not too much.

Can cats eat graham crackers

What should I pay attention to when feeding graham crackers to cats?

  • Feeding a small amount of graham crackers will not affect the cat’s health,
  • Do not feed graham crackers containing grapes or alcohol to cats.
  • You should control the amount of feeding. A large amount of starchy food can easily cause abnormal conditions such as indigestion in cats.
  • In order to avoid the biscuits from getting stuck in the cat’s throat, you should take a small piece for the cat to try first. If the cat is interested and wants to continue eating, you can continue to give him/her another piece, but not too much.
  • Do not let cats eat graham crackers containing chocolate ingredients. You must know that chocolate is deadly to cats, so you should pay attention to this problem. If your cat eats graham crackers   containing chocolate ingredients by mistake, you should seek veterinarian help in time s help.

In Conclusion

  • Cats can eat an appropriate amount of graham crackers , but the main ingredient of graham crackers is starch. If a cat ingests too much, it will easily cause symptoms such as indigestion and flatulence.
  • On the other hand, graham crackers do not meet the nutritional needs of cats, so it is not recommended to eat too much. You can eat a little when you are curious.
  • In addition, it is worth noting that if graham crackers contains ingredients that cats cannot eat, such as chocolate, almonds, and cream, they must not be fed to cats.

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