can cats share a food bowl ?

can cats share a food bowl?

Depends on different situations.
So let’s talk about the first one, cats who have grown up together since childhood, and are healthy, there is no problem with this sharing.

The problem is that the cat litter box depends on the situation. If there is no conflict, it will be fine, but if there is a dispute, prepare an extra one in time! Then the second case is interesting. This is from my friend’s house. One of them was raised from childhood to adulthood. Later, my friend brought another one back. I thought that the two cats would grow up happily together, but who would have thought that they would be friends and eat food. Basically relying on robbing, cats raised since childhood are relatively peaceful.

Many times food is easy to be robbed, and there is no other way but manual intervention. In this case, it is recommended to separate.

Two cats can share a litter box or a shared eating bowl, but it’s best to keep them separate, because if one cat is stronger and the other is weaker, they will grab food.

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