Cat Bat Wings Costume


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  • Cool bat wings design, when your cat and dog wear these cat bat wings, they will become cool and mysterious. Bat wings are fun for you and your pets on Halloween.
  • The cat bat wings are made of 4mm thick felt to keep the bat in shape for a long time
  • Perfect for Halloween Christmas birthday parties, fancy dress parties and any other party. A great gift for your cat.
  • Easy to put on and take off, the neck and chest of this cat bat wings can be adjusted freely, easy to put on and take off.

Name: Cat Bat Wings Costume

Material: cotton, plush
Color: black
Package list:1PC Artificial Bat Wing




Black without bells, Black with bells



62 reviews for Cat Bat Wings Costume

  1. Nicole

    Even if it’s just for one picture… get this!

    You just cannot beat the price. I managed to get ONE good photo of my furbaby with these on. He sprinted back & forth until I finally got it off of him…. SO WORTH IT! It wasn’t too tight, but we all know how cats are…If you’re contemplating about getting these for your next Halloween photo shoot– GET IT! The belly ache from laughing alone makes it worth it.side note- I swear I love my cat.

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  2. Brian Smith

    Best money I’ve spent, baby girl just doesn’t know it

    Great design, it hasn’t shifted even with her trying to get it off at first, but now she’s strolling around with it on!

  3. Isabella

    Cutest catbat around

    My cat is a big boy and the straps still leave room for a bigger cat. One strap goes under his belly and one around their neck/chest. So it stays very well.

  4. Lisa Customer

    Adorable and my kitty didn’t mind them!

    Absolutely adorable! I didn’t want my little girl to feel uncomfortable or have these not fit right but she actually loved them! Normally she hates clothes or costumes but she seemed to forget she was wearing these. They also were adjustable which was great as she is a petite build. Great buy!

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  5. Tabitha

    Very cute but the cats weren’t a fan!

    Be warned that this isn’t for chonkers. It fit my lean but big 11lb cat well but was too tight for my 12lb round cat. It looks very cute and I got some photos but the cats weren’t too happy about it. I’m not one to push them into something they’re uncomfortable with so they didn’t wear the wings for long but looked very cute for the seconds they “put up” with it.

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  6. Haley M. Rosendahl

    Cute and sturdy

    Best few dollars I’ve ever spent for our youngest cat and resident bat catcher! It fits similarly to her harness for going outdoors, so she doesn’t mind wearing it.If you’re crafty, especially with sewing, you could certainly produce something similar much more cheaply. For those of us who aren’t – buy these bat wings!

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  7. Kim M. Claussen


    My cat didn’t really know what to do with it but she looked so cute especially because she is all black.

  8. Rachael McDow


    Honestly, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! & she actually enjoyed wearing it, which was the funny part! the velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off. also made with good material the wings stay up and don’t just fall to the animals sides.

  9. Lucky Charm

    Would recommend

    Lucifer is a maine coon mix and was born on Halloween so he is exactly 1 year old and 10lbs. These wings fit him nicely but with not much room to spare. He didn’t mind them at all so I would say they weren’t uncomfortable for the cat that rips off collars and hides them. The only con is they attract fur like no other, so they are almost completely white from my dog.These were able to fit over his harness and he was quite popular as the only cat at my local pets and pumpkins festival. Would recommend.

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  10. stephanie


    To cute

  11. C. Tracey

    So cute!

    I ordered two of these for my 7 month old kittens. They are absolutely adorable. One kitten is bigger than the other, so it was a little tighter on him, but fit nonetheless. They were not very happy about having anything on them as they never wore anything before, and they did eventually get them off. But is did take some work.

  12. Jasmine R

    Amazing fit and cute

    I LOVE ITTTT, GETTING READY FOR SPOOKY SEASON👻🎃Also note: my baby boi jasper( white) he is a little big boi and got a beautiful belly so it’s kinda tight in that area but not a lot tight on him, but in general it fits my girl alice ( black) amazingly!! And their just adorableeeeBoth kittens are 4 months and they fit purr-fectly

  13. boo

    He actually likes this costume.

    I bought him the sailors outfit and he wouldnt keep it on. But he actually likes his batwings and meows at me to put it back on him. I have a strange cat, he is really smart, plays fetch, walks beside me like a trained dog and I didnt have to teach him any of it. But back to the point of this review… My cat likes his batcat wings.

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  14. Joe

    Good product

    Fell off of my kitten because she was too small – the next year they fit great and stayed on long enough for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy. She did not seem to mind them but I only left them on for a little while.

  15. Allie Schoenike

    Perfect for my Small Beauty!

    I have a 2.5 year old cat who maybe weighs 9 lbs. This costume fit her perfectly and shockingly she didn’t hate it like she does most other things! I recommend!

  16. Kristina Gossman

    ADORABLE!!! 10/10

    so i thought this was for kittens.. but its actually for big cats but it gives my cat time to grow into them!!! they are so cute and my cat never wants to take them off!!! when i first put them on him i was scared he would not be able to walk in them but i was surprised to see he can!! this is one of the best purchases ever!!

  17. StacyAnn


    This was one of the easiest outfits to put on my cat. He did seem to mind it. Wish more were this easy!

  18. Stella


    Super cute!!! One cat agreed and left it on with no issue and the other gave me 3 minutes before she disagreed. Worth the money and pictures!

  19. Renee

    Cute, stays on well

    Pretty easy to get on, though my cat does let me do whatever I want to her. She is small – 8 pounds – so tied the velcro as small as it would go. Stayed on fine. Batcat!

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  20. Jess

    Small but perfect

    These bat wings fit my cat perfectly. She is a very small cat though, so I agree with other reviewers that the wings are pretty small, so if you have a bigger cat then you might have to find different ones with sizes. Fur does stick to them because they are a felt material, but it comes right off with a lint roller. Plus it’s a cat costume, its gonna get hairy it’s not a big deal!

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  21. N King

    A Screamer

    Scare the crap out of your friends and family with these. Make sure to lead with the story of how you used to work in a lab where you did experiments on splicing different animal DNA. “I only had mild success.”

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  22. Lucky 🍀

    Our cat loves it


  23. Amazon Customer

    Good while the Cat Lasted

    I got this for my friend for her cat! It’s very light so if your cat tolerates costumes I could imagine they would tolerate this!My friends cat died of a stroke about 2 weeks after. That’s super unrelated to the product, I just that I don’t have information on the longevity of the item as it won’t get any more uses.

  24. Paige

    Cat said no

    But I say yes! Pretty much what I was expecting and it was super cute. My cat would just lay on his back till we’d take it off. Definitely for a smaller cat, mine eventually got to fat for its fit.

  25. Kimberly


    These where a little tight and if your cat was slightly chunkier then mine it might not work out as well. But my goodness she is very cute in them. My cat isn’t a big fan of them but I didn’t get these for her to enjoy I got them for me to enjoy. Ha.

  26. Hazelluvasmr

    Very comfortable for my fur pet!

    My Binx loved it and I loved it on her! The wings were easy to put on, very comfortable (the wings snap on), and easy to take off. It also has good material.

  27. Fabian Rangel

    Demon kitty

    If you are tired of your cat looking all innocent as it rampages through your home causing destruction everywhere it pounces with it’s cute paws then strap these bad boys on and show the world the true demon the your kitty really is! Not so cute now while it destroys your stuff.

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  28. meadow5

    Much higher quality than expected!!!

    This product was very well made, the wings were sturdy and very light weight. I know it’s just a set of wings, but I really was not expecting the quality of this. I highly recommend!

  29. mishavictoria

    I have never laughed harder

    My cat may disagree but this was the best thing I have ever purchased.

  30. denise george

    lOVE these wings

    this was bought for a cat statue (that I “dress” for most holidays) in memory of a beloved feline. LOVE this item.

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  31. Alyssa


    When this came I was expecting it to be super cheap and uncomfortable so I figured my cat wouldn’t be a huge fan. What I got was a flexible and comfortable costume! He honestly looks more like Toothless the Dragon than a Bat but, this was the best purchase! It’s made of a thick felt so it moves and flex’s especially if they jump around or play with it!

  32. Mathilda Potter

    cute and comfy but not big enough for chonky cats

    these wings are lightweight and dont bother my cat at all! the chest strap is almost too small, it could use another inch or two, but they are cool!

  33. Lisa

    Bat cat.

    Cats hated it but they looked so cute.

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  34. Uno Mattsson


    Fun little set of wings – they have 2 velcro straps, one for the neck/collar area and one for further back. I only used the collar one and they held on just fine – fit both the 7mo. old kitten (black one in photos) and the 24 lb behemoth of mine (tabby in photo). The strap at the back probably would not have gone around my big boy, but would fit fine around kittens and smaller (say 10 – 12 lb) cats. Lightweight, seems like felt but sturdier, and the cats didn’t mind at all.

  35. Indy Prince

    Cat friendly design and super cute!

    Whoever designed this gets cats. Minimal actual design it’s basically just a collar with wings which is perfect. If it more was like a harness or a shirt my cat would hate it and act like a potato but once I can get it on she just goes about her cat ways looking like a little cat Batman or cat vampire. Little kitty Bella Lugosi.

  36. Kendall Anderson

    BAT CAT!

    100% worth every penny! My cat had never worn a harness before and was wearing these like a champ after our first try. The material is light and the straps adjust nicely to fit any small pet and still allows them to move around easily. Definitely makes for an entertaining evening!

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  37. Lauren

    Love it!

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     It’s easy to fasten and adjustable, which is perfect because the previous costume was too big. The Velcro is really sturdy even when she rolls over and nibbles on them. I have a friend who ordered this for her small dog as well! Love it!

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  38. sharon surface


    My cat hates them. Bwahahahahaha. She flopped around like she was dying a slow death. It was hilarious! The wings are felt and fur sticks to them.

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