Should you buy your cat a bed?

Cupcake Cat Bed

Beds are so attractive to cats that it is commonplace to spend ten or twenty hours in sleep.

The choice of cat bed is very important

assorted bed

Cats originally slept in no fixed place. Sofas, beds, windowsills, TV sets, tops of cabinets… N corners of the room were where they stayed. With the development of the pet industry, they have special food, special toys, and special beds. Call it a cat bed, a cat house, or a cat litter. The purpose is not to let the cat rest in a fixed place.

From the perspective of applicable objects, young, sick cats or cat mothers who are nursing their wishes should choose some semi-enclosed cat dens; some kittens born in Xuantian are about to spend the first cold winter in their lives. , be sure to cast a warm, windproof and warm cat litter for them.

Kawaii Dog Bed

Seasonal choice matters

In terms of seasons, winter bedding is naturally the first choice for keeping warm; Satian is more suitable for rattan baskets. In summer, all cats have become “fathers”, and they don’t care where they go. Your elegant image. At this time, the heat dissipation function of the bed is very important. The gap of the rattan basket is larger than that of the straw one, and the air permeability and loose maturity are stronger, so this kind of cat litter is the best choice for cats in summer.

Choose a “homestead” for cat

Where should the “homestead” of the baby cat be? First of all, the cat litter should be placed in a quiet, ventilated, warm, and relatively close location to the owner, so as to live comfortably and get the owner’s communication and caress at any time; secondly , Do not put the cat litter under the window, if the weather is bad, thunderstorms, the cat will feel very insecure in the litter under the window; again, the cat litter cannot be placed near the ventilation openings of doors and windows, such an environment It is easy for cats to look cold. A special reminder is that don’t settle down in damp and shady places. Cats who can’t see the sun are worrying about their health. However, dragonworms and fleas like to breed in large numbers in such places.

Cupcake Cat Bed

sleep soundly

The advantage of having a cat litter is that the cat rests in a fixed place, and the shed hair is relatively easy to clean up. It is more convenient to clean up the cat litter than to climb the ladder to the top of the cabinet. In addition to shedding hair, cats will also have dander falling into the nest. When cleaning, it is not comprehensive to only remove the hair on the surface. You should use some poisonous agent to wash the cat’s nest with water, and then clean it. Rinse off the disinfectant and let it dry, which can really prevent germs from growing.

A cat bed with a “roof” would be better

In the choice of bed, cats are a little picky like us, they are not as random as dogs, so a good bed can make them a lot easier.

Because cats spend a lot of time sleeping, it’s especially important to choose a comfortable bed for them. So what kind of bed do cats like? Where should the bed be placed? Allow us to give you a few chats.

First of all, what cat parents need to understand is that it is not a simple cardboard box that can capture the hearts of cats. The beds they sleep on are also made of various materials. There are generally more cat beds made of nylon and polyester, among which wool polyester cat beds are more popular with cats.

Honey Pot Cat Bed

For cats to like cat beds, cat beds must have the following characteristics:

  • Your cat smells on the cat bed 

Most cats prefer soft cat beds, so they spend time on soft sofas, blankets, and beds. And “fluffy” is also very important for cats, especially in this increasingly cold season, cats like to be gently wrapped by the cat bed.

  • Your cat smells on the cat bed 

Cats are particularly territorial, and they like to leave their scents in various places in the home to declare their “sovereignty” to other cats. Of course, being a cat owner has also become the focus of the cat’s scent.

So when preparing a new bed for your cat, you can put blankets, small clothes, etc. with the strong cat smell on the bed, so that they can use the cat bed without hesitation.

We learned a little trick from a cat owner. She said that if the cats in the house are fighting because of the bed, you can put some cat hair from that cat in the cat bed that belongs to a certain cat. Among them, the cat hair is packed in a small cloth bag, and then hidden in the cat bed, so that other cats generally do not come to fight for the bed.

  • Comfortable temperature

Cats will be very concerned about the surrounding temperature, so the shovel officer will see that they always sleep in different positions at home in winter. After all, sleeping in a sunny place will make them more comfortable.

So you can place a hot water bottle in the cat bed, which will make the cat feel extra warm in the cat bed. In summer, put the cat bed in a ventilated place, or place an electric fan directly near the cat bed, so that the cat can feel cool on the bed.

  • A cat bed with slightly less space

Cats prefer cramped spaces to open spaces, so cat beds that just fit the cat are more welcome.

So when you buy a cat bed, you can first measure the cat’s body size, otherwise it will make the cat sleep uncomfortable, and if it is too big, it will not be the cat’s favorite taste. Keep changing cat beds.

Of course, some cats will also like their cat bed, because they can put their chin on the edge of the cat bed, so that they don’t have to put their chin on their feet all the time, which is not good if they sleep numb.

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