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why does my cat bring me toys ?

why does my cat bring me toys ?

Why does my cat bring me toys ?

To understand this question, through our experience, there are two main reasons

  • The first is to get close to the owner and play with the owner;
  • The second is to pay attention to him and play with him;

Why do cats like to play so much?

The IQ of a kitten is roughly equivalent to that of a child two to three years old. They can feel the owner’s mood very clearly. 

Cats are also sensitive creatures. They are very clingy at heart, they like to pay attention to their owners, and they like to be flattered, but they are often not obvious. 

But they will have a certain fixed time every day to exchange feelings with the owner.

Cats with a more cheerful personality will like whatever toys their owners provide. 

Some more serious cats prefer to play with their owners all the time. When the kitten takes the initiative to bring the toy to the owner, it means that the cat wants to be close to the owner very much, and also expresses his disappointment. 

When the owner is unhappy, he is probably trying to make him happy.

The cat gave me a toy, why?

In addition to looking for play, it is also possible that she took her toys as trophies she caught and presented them as gifts to those she liked. 

The mother cat will do this according to her mother’s nature.

If it is the latter, it means that he regards you as her most trusted companion, so he should be happy!

In addition to toys, what if the cat will bring other things in its mouth?

In the process of raising cats, I believe that owners have seen cats often drop some strange things for their owners, so why do cats like to do this?

 There are actually 5 reasons:

  • In order to repay the master

In fact, cats will repay their owners, especially if they are kind to their owners, cats will give them some food and the like to repay their owners.

Some cats who attach great importance to friendship will also take them every day.

You must not dislike it, this is the performance of the cat repaying you!

So even if she catches a real little creature for you, don’t throw it away in front of her!

Otherwise, she won’t show you anything in the future.

  • Worrying that you haven’t eaten

In fact, some cats think that the owner is stupid, because it thinks that you can’t catch mice, or climb trees, etc.

So the cat thinks that you have no hunting skills, and is worried that you will starve to death.

The natural cat will grab the mouse and hold it in front of you!

  • Feel you need it

Cats are very curious, and the things they like may think you will like them, so if you see some strange things outside, the cat will take it home and give it to you.

Because the cat thinks you will be curious about this thing too!

  • Showing off prey

For domestic cats, throwing down a small toy, sometimes like catching prey outdoors, has a sense of joy of successful conquest, so showing it to you is actually just showing off.

The owner can compliment the cat and it will be very happy!

  • Wanna play with you

Cats like to play with their owners. If your cat often puts toys in front of you, it means that your cat wants you to play with it.

What are some toys suitable for cats to play with?

A simulated snake can stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct. The design of the sensor allows the snake to turn automatically when it encounters an obstacle. 、

Their trajectory is almost random. Even without the owner’s company, the cat can play by itself.

This Interactive Robot Cat Toy can go forward, backward and rotate 360 degrees. When you are away from work and not at home, it can properly interact with your cat and bring a lot of fun to your cat.

This self rotating ball is a perfect gift for your cat, and no more worry about your cat will get bored without your company.

In summary 

Now that you know why cats like to bring you toys, many times they just want to play with you.

If they don’t bring you a toy but something strange, as the owner, you can’t throw it away or reject it in front of him, because it will ruin your relationship.

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